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Our Three Step Process

Product Research

IWC will have a Registered Patent Attorney form a patent or trademark search

Product Presentation Submission

IWC will prepare your personalized Product Proposals to be submitted to Manufacturers


IWC will assign you a licensing Agent

Why Choose Us

Work with Someone You can Trust

We are complaint-free with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. 

Come Meet Us in Person

Our Clients are always welcome to come meet with us at out corporate headquarters in Westchester, IL.

Our Program Works

Eight (8) of our clients have recently signed Licensing Agreements.

We are Not An Invention Promotion Company.

Our Program is designed to help you get everything you need, so that your invention idea can be submitted and sold to manufacturers. Our Program is the most affordable in the industry, and was designed to help you get your idea in front of manufacturers without risking your life savings! Our program is also designed to keep you directly involved throughout the whole process. Manufacturers will actually contact you directly. That should give you some peace of mind!

Get Started with Confidence

Invent Worldwide Consulting provides you with a Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement from the very beginning, so anything you share with us regarding your invention idea will be held in confidence and cannot be used without your written permission.

Get the Tools You Need

All of our work is done by the top professionals in the business. You’ll have access to our cutting edge computer graphics department, registered patent attorneys, licensing agents and other professionals in the business. (It is important to understand that we only use REGISTERED Patent Attorneys, not Patent Agents).

We are members of the US Chamber of Commerce

Our Recent Success

26 of our clients have recently signed Licensing agreements as a result of our program.

Licensing agreement recently signed with Inventors Tony & Yvonne for the LIGHT BULB ORGANIZER.

Licensing agreement recently signed with Inventor Steven for the STUFFED ANIMAL FOOTBALL TEE.

Licensing agreement recently signed with Inventor Jerome for the SHOPPER’S 3RD HAND.

NOTE: The Purchase of Inventor Assistance is a high risk expenditure.